Whirlpool Tubs

WhirlpoolTubEvery cultured marble, onyx or Eastonite™ tub can be made as a whirlpool. Our whirlpool systems are like built-in therapeutic hot tubs. A powerful ¾ horsepower pump vigorously pumps your bathwater through six or eight jets (depending on the size of your tub) that soothe and relax you from head to toe. Unlike outdoor hot tubs, you can enjoy your whirlpool in the privacy of your bathroom, without concern for chemical levels and temperature. Simply fill up your tub, enjoy it and drain it. Whirlpool bathing cannot be an easier or cheaper than with a whirlpool bath from Easton Industries.

Whirlpool pumps have a 3-prong plug for a standard 110 volt outlet box with its own GFCI breaker.

Whirlpool Options

You may customize your whirlpool system with two low-cost options:

Thermowave Heater

This is a non-electric, friction activated heater that will maintain the water temperature in your tub for the duration of your bath. No need to constantly add hot water to your bath as the water evaporates from your tub. The Thermowave heater keeps the water right at the temperature you started at.

Dialflo Pressure Control

The Dialflo pressure control allows you to change the water pressure coming through the jets while you are using the system. Choose from 3 different pressure settings safely and comfortably from inside the tub.


Large 5′ Corner


Small 5′ Corner


36″ x 60″


36″ x 73″


42″ x 60″


42″ x 73″


60″ x 31″ Rectangle


60″ x 32″ Armrest


72″ x 48″ Tub

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