Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen With Cultured Marble Kitchen Countertop

Cultured Marble Countertops Myrtle BEachYou know it’s time to remodel your kitchen when critical parts like the countertop get noticeably stained or scratched. As you think about which material is best for your kitchen countertop, you consider factors like

  • resistance to staining
  • heat damage
  • abrasion

These factors determine the durability, ease of maintenance and aesthetic value of the countertop. A wide variety of kitchen countertop material options are available and each option comes with its pros and cons.

Marble is one of the premier countertop materials available in the market. It’s mostly associated with homeowners who value style. A marble countertop defines luxury in a home. Its beauty and functional qualities are much more superior than most of the other countertop alternatives. However, natural marble is equally superior in terms of price. But this does not mean you cannot enjoy some of the benefits of marble if your kitchen remodeling project is running on a limited budget – not in this age of technology. There is a next best alternative to natural marble called cultured marble.

What is cultured marble?

Cultured marble looks similar to natural marble and is equally pleasing but more economical and durable than the real stone. To make cultured marble, small marble particles and resins are combined through a molding process. The mixture is pressed under high pressure and then let to dry into a harder and stronger material than marble. The molding process also allows fabricators to customize the countertop to suit size, finish, shape, color and décor preferences.

Why use cultured marble kitchen countertop?

More affordable than slab marble

A cultured marble kitchen countertop is less expensive to purchase and install compared to a pure marble countertop. Installing cultured marble gives your kitchen that luxurious look of natural stone and increases the value of your home but uses just a fraction of the cost of installing a countertop made of marble or any other natural stone.

Requires low maintenance

Since cultured marble provides a solid surface, cultured marble kitchen countertop is easy to maintain. There are no grout joints to regularly maintain and no stains to turn cleaning into a headache. With a standard non-abrasive cleaning product, cleaning is as simple as wiping the surface with a piece of cloth. Also, the material is non-porous and this means you don’t need to have the kitchen countertop sealed year after year.

Highly customizable

However unique you want your countertop to be, fabricators can produce exactly what you need. This is possible because cultured marble is a cast product. It can be made to fit any size and to any style and color. During the molding process, after the blended marble and resin product is cured, it can be polished to shine or given a matte or honed finish depending on your preference.

Adds class to the kitchen

The patterns and veins added during the casting process give your cultured marble kitchen countertop the beauty of natural marble. For most people, the clean look of the material is classy and timeless.

More durable than natural marble

Cultured marble is tougher than natural marble. The countertop edges will not chip easily and the surface will survive through wear and tear episodes that natural stone can’t. When you install a cultured marble kitchen countertop, it will last long so that you don’t have to spend more money on repairs and remodels any time in the near future.

Easton Industries is the area’s leading supplier of cultured marble kitchen countertop. We can custom design a kitchen countertop and backsplash to match your color scheme and personal tastes. Our certified technicians will install the countertop and answer all your questions about care and maintenance.

Call us today or stop by our showroom to see our wide variety of culture marble kitchen countertop from which to choose.

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