Bathroom Remodel: Accessible Shower Designs

Accessible Shower Myrtle BeachSome people are not familiar with accessible showers. These shower types are enhanced with style aspects that easily help everybody.

Characteristics of an Accessible Shower Design

  • They need to have an optimized design that should make it easy to enter for everyone.
  • Has a seamless design which makes every bathing needs within reach, like water, soap, and shampoo, even when seated or standing up.
  • Additionally, accessible shower designs consist of either a complete setup shower seat (preferably flip-up design seat, so it could be moved if required) or enough space for a mobile shower seat.

Five Important Functions Easily Accessible Showers Should Have

Below is a list of the functions most commonly found in an accessible bathroom remodel design. Also, we have included an introduction of essential points to remember when choosing, developing, or setting up your accessible shower.

  1. Shower Entry.

The shower’s entry should be large enough to allow walking and to let a mobility device or rolled shower chair to move effortlessly. If the shower is designed for a person’s special needs, be sure to consider both the size of the person’s wheelchair and their abilities for steering with the devices when picking a proper shower door size. For custom shower doors, you can call Easton Industries.

  1. No Limit.

A flush, the zero-threshold entryway is suitable. Even a small threshold of one to two inches high could prevent entry by a pedestrian or mobility device, increasing the chance that a person will need to ask for assistance.

While a curbless shower is ideal, what is the house has concrete piece flooring or other layout functions which could make it difficult to set up one? If mounting a threshold at the shower entryway could not be prevented, try least possible one, preferably at least 1/2 inch or less with a beveled side, which will certainly enable most rolled wheelchair tools to pass.

  1. Shower Seat.

In general, wall-mounted shower seats have the tendency to be more secure compared to the portable-style bathroom seats. The bench-style shower seats have the tendency to be far better compared to chairs and stools since they have a bigger resting surface area, which makes sitting easier and additionally give you a useful space to hang a towel or other bath materials.

  1. Shower Controls.

If you are setting up a brand-new shower, make sure to develop it with the showerhead as well as shower controls situated within easy reach of the seat. It is unfortunate that some accessible showers with a completely mounted seat are not near the water or shower controls!

The controls should be mounted in an area that can be easily reached sitting down or while standing up. This makes it easier to turn on the water and let it cool down before entering. Additionally, shower controls should be easy for the person to change temperature even while sitting down.

  1. Lights.

A lot of typical showers do not have a light over the stall. This is particularly useful for older people or those with impaired vision. Setting up a water-proof light over the shower stall could be a useful, welcome enhancement.

For more information on setting up accessible showers, call Easton Industries.


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