Shower/Tub Doors

We happily arrange all your shower and tub door needs throughout your project. Depending on what style of door you are looking to complement your overall shower and bathtub will set us into motion on how to best handle for your project. We offer the following door options, some with custom needs that will change the timeliness of the project from our standard two day Bath Transformers timeline.
• Framed Bypass Door
• Semi-frameless Bypass Door
• Framed Pivot Door
• Semi-frameless Pivot Door
• Frameless Pivot Door

We also offer the following glass options for your shower/bathtub door:
• Clear Glass
• Opaque Glass
• Rain Glass

In addition, we offer the following finishes for your framework and door:
• Chrome
• Brushed Nickel
• Oil Rubbed Bronze

*Please keep in mind, if your project requires a custom shower door, there will be an additional 2-3 weeks added to the overall project timeframe. Once we have installed your shower/bathtub, we will arrange for the door to then be measured. The manufacturing and installation of a custom shower door will be approximately 2-3 weeks following the completion of the cultured stone work.

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