Bathtub Choices For Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodelWhen considering a bathroom remodel, it is a smart idea to know what types of bathtubs readily available out there. There are several trademark name such as American Criterion, Jacuzzi, St Thomas Creations and also Jado to name a few. Nonetheless, your choice will depend on the style, dimension as well as the materials used to make these bathtubs. Several bathtub products are made of acrylic, iron, enamel, steel, fiberglass and even wood. However, one of the most preferred product is acrylic due to the fact that it is light but strong and resilient. Tubs are available in various shades, forms and designs so you have many options to choose from.

Several Bathtub Choices


Clawfoot bathtubs, popular back in the 19th century, include legs that resemble claws. The first clawfoot bathtubs were made from porcelain and iron but today, the bathtubs are readily available in fiberglass. Copper tubs are preferred too. This sort of tub needs a lot more water compared to other bathtubs.


The pedestal bathtub resembles a clawfoot bathtub and also it comes primarily in an oval shape. This bathtub is straight from the front side and also has an incline at the back. As the name suggests, this bathtub includes an area that one could stand on and you can fill more water with this type of tub.

Recess Tub

This kind of tub is integrated having three confined sides as well as one open side. Typically, the bathtub is covered with a shower drape from the side that is open and is recommended for small bathrooms.


The alcove tub is also referred to as a soak-in or sunken bathtub due to the fact that it is put under the flooring. It does not have an external part since it is totally installed in the ground.


This bathtub is also commonly known as a Jacuzzi. It includes air bubbles that rejuvenate the water continually offering a soft relaxing massage therapy.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling projects, especially one that requires replacing your bathtub, it is best to know which one fits your lifestyle and budget.

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