Cultured Marble: A Popular Marble Alternative

cultured marble countertopWhen it comes to beauty and elegance, marble countertop almost always tops the list. However, when you begin to do more research, you will find out that there are not the most cost-effective and durable countertop available. Because of this, a new process was developed to create a kitchen surface that is not only beautiful but also durable. They are referred to as cultured marble, which is now a popular alternative to marble.

How Are Cultured Marble Made?

The process of creating cultured marble involves making a mold of the kitchen counter and then adding crushed stone as well as thermoplastic resin into the mix. The precast mold will then be custom shaped and sized to make sure that it fits perfectly. The combination of stone and resin are placed inside the mold are then pressed against each other under extremely high pressure. Once that is done, it is left to dry. It will then become a hard, dense, and stronger material. The end product is going to be less porous and it will not have the exact same appearance. Cultured marble countertops in Myrtle Beach appears extremely beautiful, however, it does not possess the stone’s original integrity. Although homeowners will still obtain the exact same kind of marbling effect that a naturally harvested product offers, the mere fact that it is synthetic means it can be quite obvious in some brands.

Perfect For Vanities and Shower Walls

The majority of cultured products feature a glossy finish. However, homeowners can ask for a matte finish if they want to. It is an excellent bathroom countertop because its surface can resist mildew and stains naturally. This characteristic makes them perfect material for areas that are prone to moisture. However, cultured marble can easily be scratched and chipped and that is why it is not always the top choice for a kitchen countertop, which goes through heavy wear and tear. In case your kitchen does not receive a lot of traffic and you want the aesthetics offered by cultured marble over other alternatives for kitchen countertops, then this option is the best for you, in terms of appearance and price.

Affordable Alternative

You can get a similar look for your countertops without having to break the bank. Cultured marble is usually cheaper than their natural stone alternative. The cost of culture stone falls in between the price you need to pay for a granite and laminate surface. Because of these things, cultured marble becomes an attractive alternative to natural marble. In case you love the look but do not want or simply do not have the budget for a lavish kitchen, cultured marble countertops may be the perfect option for you. They look as stunning and as beautiful as natural marble when installed in your kitchen or bathroom. Because of the process involved in manufacturing and designing them, cultured marble countertop is a more durable alternative that can last for several years.

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