Kitchen Renovation: Your Choice of Granite or Marble Countertop

Kitchen Renovations Myrtle BeachHomeowners today are slowly reviving the trend where their house look like where royals could live in, magnificent and affluent. More so, several areas in their home that were once taken for granted are now catching enough focus they needed. The kitchen area actually creates a huge part of this interest where natural stones and synthetic materials are the best choices for kitchen renovations. Additionally, in old homes, investing in a kitchen countertop offers an instant lift to the kitchen area design.

Natural stones such as granite and marble are just some of the best choices by homeowners or industrial builders. Both these stones have the different advantages when in various kitchen renovation projects.

Granite and Marble Choices For Your Kitchen Renovation

Picking between granite and marble stone for your kitchen area makeover is a challenging job. One has to think about all aspects carefully as the price of utilizing natural stones in your kitchen is significant. One should take a look at advantages and disadvantages of utilizing either of both stones thoroughly consisting of the price element, appearance, resilience and also viability.

Various Appearance

The variant in shades, structures, patterns as well as layouts is countless. You could select simply the best shade and structure which fits your preference and one that suits your kitchen remodel Myrtle Beach.

Granite as a speckled dust look resulting from melded stone while a marble has a typical cream or grayish-white color, dark green and pink. Marble also has vein-like streaks that run through it.


Every piece of granite and also marble are distinct. With varying tones as well as patterns these magnificent stones will surely include a feeling of style to your cooking area.

Increase Market Value

Granite as well as marble includes a great deal of worth to the cooking area and can increase your home’s market value, in case you decide to have it listed for sale.


Kitchens on a regular basis encounter a great deal of harsh and also difficult use like sharp blades, warm frying pans and pots, discolorations and also leaks. Both of these stones are porous which means water can seep through it but with proper sealant, it will become less damaging. Also, placing hot pans over these stones can tarnish and cause irreversible stains. However, granite is more advisable for kitchen areas while marble is suitable for spaces with less foot traffic.

Kitchen Renovations_Myrtle BeachGranite VS. Marble

In contrast to granite, marble kitchen counters are not the best option, as they are easily damaged compared to granite counter tops. Additionally, acidic materials, like vinegar, catsup, and others, impact the surface area of marble really easily in contrast to a granite counter top. Shiny surface area of a marble might be shed with time as a result of direct exposure to chemicals frequently made use of in kitchen area. Although warmth does not damage the real marble core whatsoever, direct exposure to heat might create the marble to stain considerably; you will certainly need to change the whole kitchen counter as this damages are irreversible.

Granite, on the other hand, is the 2nd hardest rock offered and also is not as conveniently influenced by chemicals, scraping, and frequent heat from the kitchen stove. Cracking as well as scraping granite surface area is instead hard in contrast to marble, which could be cracked easily.

Cleaning up granite surface area counter tops is extremely simple and could do well with just cleansing by towel and soap. Nevertheless, you will certainly need to “layer” the granite two times a year in order to keep its fresh appearance. One area where marble tops granite is the color option, granite colors are those shades you can see in nature. Therefore when doing kitchen remodeling, you will certainly need to take into consideration the color design you specify. You need to go with marble rather than granite in case.  The granite shades do not match with your color pattern.

Synthetic Marble and Granite Choices

However, when you are torn between the two options, remember that you still have other stone options. Going for the synthetic material will not do you harm but can bring you enough savings with the same look. At Easton Industries, they provide you with choices such as cultured marbles, cultured Onyx, Eastonite and Tyvarian. These choices make your kitchen countertop look as authentic as real marble or granite without the spending way too much. There are also a variety of colors you can choose from, instead of limiting your choices to just a few.

For decades now, Easton Industries has been installing and manufacturing cultured marbles and Onyx for various kitchen renovations. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, be sure to call Easton Industries for timeless and inexpensive stone choices.


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