Tips On Maintaining Showers And Bathtubs

bathtubs and showersAny dirt or remnants of soap that aren’t rinsed off properly will have negative effects for your bathtubs and showers. If left unmaintained, residues that were not removed will cause a number of problems from staining to mildew growth. This is the reason why periodic maintenance is necessary. Here are a few tips on how you could keep your bathroom clean and looking new at all times:

Regular cleaning

You should clean your bathroom or shower at least once a month. This will inhibit the growth of mildew. You could wipe down the damp areas after every use. Paper towels or dry cloth could be used to remove water and moister. However, if this is too troublesome for you, periodic cleaning can be done instead. It is a good thing to note that there are different kinds of cleaning solutions out in the market. Check the label. It is a common rule to choose cleaning solutions that are non-abrasive. When used along with hot water and a soft piece of cloth, you can do the cleaning very easily.

Tile and grout checkups

When grout is exposed to water for extended durations it usually had detrimental effects on the building material. It can become a breeding ground for mildew growth. Consequences can even become more serious as the building material may deteriorate over time due to extended exposure. To prevent damage, these steps must be done:

  • Add a protective layer by sealing the tile and grout at least two times a years
  • Make an annual inspection for cracked grout. Do the necessary repairs if cracks or missing grout is found.

Caulk, sealant inspection

During a bathroom remodel or installation of a new shower or bathtub, sealant or caulk is applied at transitions. This ensures no leakage. However, over time, the sealant may deteriorate and require a fresh installation. This must be done at least once every five years. During which, the sealant is likely to lose its sealing capacity and need a new application. Leakage due to degraded sealant is not easy to detect unless there has already been significant damage. Inspection at least every half a decade will prevent any significant problems. See the following inspection tips below:

  • Annual inspection for caulk and sealant damage. Check around the bathtub or shower and possible areas where caulk or sealant has been applied. Also, check the ceiling directly below the bathtub for any leaks. Make the necessary repairs if any problems are found.
  • In case there is a shower door installed, make sure to inspect the track and frame. This section must be water-tight. Any gaps that may leak water outside the shower must be sealed.
  • Any caulk or sealant damage due to normal wear and tear must be replaced immediately.

Shower and bathtub doors

Regardless of whether you have a sliding or swing door for your bathtubs and showers Myrtle Beach, it must be periodically inspected for stagnant water on the tracks. If there is stagnant water that means the drain holes are blocked. This should be resolved immediately to minimize the chances of mildew growth.

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