New Year, New Kitchen: Kitchen Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

kitchen remodel Myrtle BeachThe kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the place where kids do their homework, cook meals for your family, and the place where your dog patiently waits for food to be dropped on the floor. Even if you think you already have the best kitchen, it will never hurt to have it upgraded. If you have a kitchen with an outdated design, then you should consider have a whole kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Sink

In the New Year, you have the option to change your conventional sink with one that is fitted with a removable cutting board, integrated pot holders and coasters, and even an ice bucket. This is a great option for homeowners with a small kitchen because it helps save space. If you prefer to have an all in one sink, then you can still remain on trend with the installation of a colored or embossed sink that can serve as an accent for your remaining kitchen furnishings.

Kitchen Cabinets

Having kitchen cabinets without handles is among the best and simplest way to infuse a contemporary look into your kitchen. As a streamlined and sleek design cabinets without handles tops the kitchen design trends for 2019. Rather than conventional handles, designers will be cutting holes with different sizes and shapes into the cabinet doors. Normally, these holes are round shaped or have long indents that run to the cabinet door’s base. Since about 40% of the overall kitchen remodel Myrtle Beach costs go to the cabinets, you can use the money you save to install cabinets with minimal design to make your kitchen look really appealing.

Interior Garden

With the installation of indoor planters near your sink, you will have an instant indoor herb garden. Cooking trends point towards using fresh ingredients instead of using dried herbs. By using fresh herbs, you will be giving the meals you make at home a new taste and what better way to do that than by having an indoor garden. Don’t forget to give your indoor herb garden a reliable light source.

Metallic Accents

Rose gold has dominated almost every aesthetic in the world, and it is making its way into the kitchen too. Metal has been used in kitchens for a long time as accent pieces for sinks, faucets, appliances, and handles. Chrome has long been used and during the 90s, shiny brass was included in the mix. During the year 2000s up until today, consumers have bolder selections including copper, warm gold, and rose gold.

Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is quarried from the mines in Georgia. It is made up of real stone that is crushed into a power and then mixed with polyester resin to produce a matrix that is comparable to cake batter. Cultured marble commonly comes with a veining color and background color that provide a contrast that is visible at the material’s surface. Easton Industries offer culture marbles in different colors and finding one that matches your kitchen décor will be easy.

Call Easton Industries now if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and you wish to install cultured marble.

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