Tips For Cleaning Cultured Marble

Myrtle Beach cultured marbleCultured marble, because of its resiliency, is a popular option for vanities, sinks, and countertops. Because it is used constantly, soap scum and mineral deposits are bound to accumulate in your marble, which will negatively affect its visual appeal. Get rid of mild stains and buildup using white vinegar and a soft rag. Remove stubborn stains using hydrogen peroxide or a specialized cleaning solution. Just be sure to avoid the use of abrasives and harsh chemicals.

Daily Cleanup

Slightly wet the surface of the cultured marble but using a clean and damp cloth. This can help you prevent causing damage to the glaze that is responsible for its shine once you apply the cleaner or the soap. There is no need to add more if the surface has lingering water already. The next thing to do is to put some mild soap or all purpose cleaning solution to the surface. This can be done by spraying or directly to the surface. It is better to use a water based cleaner that comes with a neutral PH. It is the safest solution when it comes to cleaning cultured marble without scratching or damaging the surface.

Wipe the cultured marble’s surface with a rag using circular movements. Continue doing so until the surface is dry. Don’t forget to use a soft cloth so you won’t damage the surface. Abrasive cloth or sponges are not recommended. In case your cloth is extremely wet, use dry, and clean cloth to eliminate the remaining cleanser. It is also not ideal to use harsh chemicals because they can cause damages to the surface and make it look dull. Additionally, harsh chemicals can lead to chemical scratches and scuffs on the Myrtle Beach cultured marble.

Get Rid Of Mild Buildup and Stains

When getting rid of mild buildup and stains, you should use a rag that’s been dampen with white vinegar. Make sure that there is no excess vinegar that is dripping from the rag. Vinegar is a good solution when it comes to getting rid of stubborn water stains or soap scum. Place the wet rag on the buildup or stain on your cultured marble. Be sure it lays flat on the affected surface and the wet portions of the rag is on top of the stain of the cultured marble. After that, rinse the area with cold water. Remove the excess liquid using a clean, dry, and soft rag. Remove the remaining buildup or stains using a cleaning agent that is specially made for marble. Rinse the cleaning agent away. Once that is done, you can polish the marble using a polishing agent like a countertop wax.

Remove Heavy Stains

For heavy stains, you can treat the affected area with hydrogen peroxide. However, this method is not recommended if you have a dark colored cultured marble. Get a small bucket and fill it up with cold water. Pour it over the affected area of the marble. Wipe it clean using a dry, clean, and soft cloth. If you notice any remaining stain, you can apply a heavy duty cleaning solution the area using a soft and clean rag. Clean the area using cold water.

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