Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Building A Breakfast Bar

kitchen remodelThey say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If this is so, why not take it in your own breakfast bar. Building a breakfast bar does not just provide an enticing view to your kitchen but offers a practical worth. It’s a wonderful kitchen remodel project that you shouldn’t miss.

Most homeowners think that building breakfast bars are so expensive (but it actually is not), which is why they avoid it during your kitchen remodel Myrtle Beach. In fact, you could have your stylish and elegant breakfast bar built without spending a lot of money.

Building A Breakfast Bar During Kitchen Remodeling

Using Old Kitchen Cupboard As A Base

If you really want to build your own breakfast bar, you could use your old and unused kitchen area cupboard as a base. You could find wood materials from individuals that sell wood from house renovation projects or perhaps at yard sales.

Finding Suitable Countertop Materials

The next thing you need is a countertop. You can conveniently buy from the neighborhood equipment shop or could be readily available at yard sales. But if you want a sturdy, efficient and best-priced countertop, you could use cultured stone products such as cultured marble, cultured onyx and Eastonite. 

For breakfast bar storage, it is recommended to purchase those closets that have racks and cabinets in them. These closets could supply additional storage area to your breakfast bar.

Choosing The Best Location

It is essential to make a decision where precisely you intend to position your breakfast bar before you start remodeling your kitchen. If you want to position it in your kitchen area island, you need to pick suitable support that you could put behind the cupboard, whereas, if you want to put it against a wall surface then there is no need for any kind of support.

Securing Its Support

One more essential product that you would certainly need is a couple of L-shaped braces which you could buy from the neighborhood hardware store. These braces are used to affix the counter tops with cupboards positioned below the kitchen counters. They are likewise needed for connecting the breakfast bar block to the flooring.

Adding Accessories

Your morning meal bar will not be complete without bar stools. You could select from a wide range of bar stools readily available on the market. When choosing your bar stools, you have to consider that they blend quickly with the total appearance that you wish to have on your kitchen remodeling project.

Build your own breakfast bar need not be expensive.  All you need is just the right materials from Easton Industries. Call now to discuss how you can start with your kitchen renovation right away.

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