Shower Pan Patterns

The beauty of a cultured marble, onyx or Eastonite™ shower is not only in its appearance, but also in its function and easy-care maintenance. Solid one – piece shower bases blend together with individual wall panels for a smooth transition of pattern and color. The limited number of joints and decorative coved molding in the corners keeps the shower easy to clean forever without excessive seams and grout lines.

Easton showers are made to fit virtually any size or shape. We have traditional standard sizes available as well as custom shower base molds that allow us to make any size or shape to within fractions of an inch. Shower wall panels are made an inch larger than the required finished size and then custom cut on site by our trained installers to give you a custom watertight fit. All of our showers include recessed shampoo and soap holders (called combos) and decorative coved molding in the 90 degree angle corners.

Custom Shower Bases

We have the ability to make a shower base in any size or shape you need. The drain hole can be positioned anywhere within the length and width of the base not closer than 12″ from any edge. A custom shower base does not have a built-in threshold like standard bases. The marble wall panels sit directly on top of the outer edges of the base, glued directly to the sheet rock. The threshold front is framed using 2 x 4’s and then wrapped with marble to create the support for a shower door.
Handicap Accessible Showers

All of our showers can be made with a low profile threshold front for easier handicap access. We can create a narrow threshold ramp to adjust for uneven transitions from floor to shower. We can also include a collapsible rubber membrane on top of the threshold that will allow a wheelchair to be rolled into the shower but then also keep water from flowing outside the shower on to the floor.

Optional Items

Bench Seats: bench seats are framed and wrapped with marble inside of the shower area and are custom made to fit your space requirements. BenchSeats
Corner Seats: these seats require no additional framing and fit nicely in the corner of your shower. Corner seats are the shape of a ¼ piece of pie and come 16″ out of the corner on each side. Corner seats are a more practical option for smaller shower areas. CornerSeats
Extra-large Combos: these recessed shampoo and soap holders are twice as wide as our standard combo. The inner cavity measures 12″ wide and fits easily between standard 16″ on center stud spacing in the wall. ExtraLargeCombos
Decorative Rope Trim: Accent the entrance to your walk-in shower with this dramatic 1″ thick trim. Choose a color to match your shower walls or a complimentary color for a contemporary 2-tone look. The trim is 1 3/4″ wide and made in 96″ lengths and cut to fit on site. The corners a dressed with decorative matching rosette. RopeTrim
Corner Combo: Add this shampoo/soap holder to the corner of your shower for storing larger items in a convenient location. CornerCombo
Solid cultured marble wall panels with the look of tile gives you the best of both worlds. Choose from a 12″ x 12″ slate tile look or a 4″ x 6″ subway tile in a high gloss finish. The panels are solid from top to bottom so there is no grout in the “grout” lines which makes care and cleaning a breeze.

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