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Our Slate and Subway Tile Patterns give you the look of actual tile without the hassle of grout lines. We can press any of our over 50 colors of EastoniteTM (cultured granite), cultured marble or cultured onyx products into one of these patterns offering the classic look of 12×12 slate tiles or the high gloss, trendy appeal of 4×6 subway tiles. Manufactured in solid walls and then pressed to the desired tile pattern, the result is the beautiful look of tile without the trouble of hand laying each tile or the cleaning and care of grout lines.



Our products come in your choice of either a High Gloss or Honed/Matte Finish. You choose the finish you feel is the best match for your décor.

Edge Options

Every countertop or vanity top comes with our Standard Square Edge. You can also dress up all of your edges with affordable upgraded edges such as our Chamfer Edge, Bullnose Edge, Full Bullnose Edge or Single Ogee Edge.

Tyvarian Inlays, Mosaic Inlays and Tile Borders

Complement your shower or bathtub with a beautiful Tyvarian inlay, mosaic inlay or tile border. We have several options that will bring further dimension to your new shower and tub. These accents will add color and movement to your already beautiful shower or bathtub and will set your bathroom apart from the rest.

image-coming-soon image-coming-soon image-coming-soon

Shower/Tub Doors

We happily arrange all your shower and tub door needs throughout your project. Depending on what style of door you are looking to complement your overall shower and bathtub will set us into motion on how to best handle for your project. We offer the following door options, some with custom needs that will change the timeliness of the project from our standard two day Bath Transformers timeline.
• Framed Bypass Door
• Semi-frameless Bypass Door
• Framed Pivot Door
• Semi-frameless Pivot Door
• Frameless Pivot Door

We also offer the following glass options for your shower/bathtub door:
• Clear Glass
• Opaque Glass
• Rain Glass

In addition, we offer the following finishes for your framework and door:
• Chrome
• Brushed Nickel
• Oil Rubbed Bronze

*Please keep in mind, if your project requires a custom shower door, there will be an additional 2-3 weeks added to the overall project timeframe. Once we have installed your shower/bathtub, we will arrange for the door to then be measured. The manufacturing and installation of a custom shower door will be approximately 2-3 weeks following the completion of the cultured stone work.

image-coming-soon image-coming-soon image-coming-soon

Shower Seats

Bench Seats: bench seats are framed and wrapped with marble inside of the shower area and are custom made to fit your space requirements. BenchSeats
Corner Seats: these seats require no additional framing and fit nicely in the corner of your shower. Corner seats are the shape of a ¼ piece of pie and come 16″ out of the corner on each side. Corner seats are a more practical option for smaller shower areas. CornerSeats

Soap and Shampoo Combos

Extra-large Combos: these recessed shampoo and soap holders are twice as wide as our standard combo. The inner cavity measures 12″ wide and fits easily between standard 16″ on center stud spacing in the wall. ExtraLargeCombos
Corner Combo: Add this shampoo/soap holder to the corner of your shower for storing larger items in a convenient location. CornerCombo

Grab Bars

Safety Grab Bars are available in 24” and 16” lengths for use in commercial or residential installations. We offer your choice of chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze to complement your shower hardware. Grab Bars can be installed vertically or horizontally in the bathroom by the bath tub, shower or toilet.

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